Corruption Reporting

TZTEK is committed to following the code of business conduct with highest standard in business relations with customers, partners and other related parties. In order to abide by this commitment, we will comply with all relevant laws, regulations and the requirements of the company's Code of Conduct and Ethics in Business Activities.

Our employees are required to be honest when doing business with external partners, and we never tolerate any immoral or illegal conduct. If you have any questions about the company's business code of conduct, or want to report any suspicious event about the unethical or illegal conduct of any employee, you are welcome to send the information directly to the company’s Audit email box or fill in the information sheet below at any time, and we will have dedicated person to deal with it in time.

We encourage any reporter to leave detailed information, including name, contact method, and details of suspected immoral or unlawful conduct, so that we can contact with him/ her directly when necessary. In addition, we also accept anonymous complaints and suggestions, and we will carefully handle all complaints and reports, and try best efforts within permission of laws and regulations to ensure the confidentiality. Besides, all investigations will be based on legal compliance.

TZTEK prohibits others from retaliating or punishing any person who, in good faith, provides information or assists in investigations for suspected unethical or illega.


The above contact information is applicable to reports or complaints concerning the business ethics of TZTEK employees. If you would like to make further inquiries or complaints about the company's business, please directly use the inquiry or complaint channel of the relevant business to get a timely response. For the main business contact information, please refer to