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Exhibition invitation: TZTEK will make an appointment with you at the 2021 International Electronic Circuit (Shanghai) Exhibition
Thin and intelligent products are the mainstream trend of 3C products in recent years. With the arrival of 5G era, how to quickly adapt to the development of the industry, improve product quality, and constantly improve product competitiveness has attracted much attention. From July 7 to 9, TZTEK will appear at the 2021 International Electronic Circuit (Shanghai) Exhibition with a variety of equipment, including laser direct imaging equipment, imager, dispensing detection integrated equipment, to boost the intelligent development of the electronic circuit industry. 2021 International Electronic Circuit (Shanghai) Exhibition Time: July 7-9, 2021 Place: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Booth: 7.1H-7C26 Exhibits: laser direct imaging equipment, laser direct imaging equipment (automatic line), automatic appearance inspection equipment, image measuring instrument, dispensing detection integrated equipment
Ding~TZTEK invites you to SNEC2020 Photovoltaic Exhibition
From August 8 to 10, 2020, SNECs 14th (2020) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum (hereinafter referred to as SNEC Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. TZTEK will bring the independently developed photovoltaic wafer detection and sorting equipment to the exhibition to discuss and solve the problem of silicon wafer quality control equipment with you! Exhibition equipment Photovoltaic wafer detection and sorting equipmentThe TZTEK PV wafer detection and sorting equipment integrates TZTEKs more than 10 years of machine vision technology and automation experience, and introduces in-depth learning software, which can efficiently identify and sort the thickness, TTV, resistivity, line mark, side length, chamfer, diameter, verticality, parallelism, warpage, hidden crack, visible crack, impurity, perforation, missing corner, dirt, edge collapse and other characteristics of the wafer.The equipment has fast sorting speed, good detection effect, high degree of automation and low maintenance cost, and can be widely used for product quality control of diamond, black silicon, mortar, resin and other processes.Booth OverviewExhibition Hall: N5Booth No.: N5-006TZTEK, sincerely invite you to come!
TZTEK won the "2018 Top Ten Photovoltaic Innovation Technology Contribution Award"
On January 15, 2019, the "Third Annual Meeting of the Innovation Forum of PV Leaders and the Global PV Industry Leaders Summit", jointly sponsored by the Shanghai Solar Energy Society and the PV Pioneer Innovation Forum, and supported by the China Quality Certification Center, concluded successfully in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. After layers of screening and fierce competition, TZTEK silicon wafer sorter equipment stood out among many competitors and won the "2018 Top Ten Photovoltaic Innovative Technology Contribution Award". Photovoltaic enterprises from all over the country witnessed this important moment.TZTEK is committed to helping customers improve product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. In the photovoltaic field, TZTEK introduced artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, and independently developed solar wafer automatic sorting equipment. Compared with 6000pcs/h of traditional equipment, the detection and sorting capacity is as high as 8000pcs/h, surpassing similar international equipment, and breaking the situation that high capacity wafer detection and sorting equipment needs to rely on imports. It has far-reaching social benefits and strategic significance in promoting Chinas photovoltaic industry from photovoltaic manufacturing to photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing, realizing the localization, intelligence and process integration of key short board equipment in the silicon wafer manufacturing industry, and the rapid development of the global photovoltaic industry.Innovation1. Deep learning AI detection algorithm with high detection accuracy and stable and reliable performance2. Detection and sorting capacity 8000pcs/h3. It can be compatible with different cutting processes such as mortar, diamond wire and resin, as well as the detection of different types of silicon wafers such as single crystal, polycrystalline and monocrystalline, and support the detection of black silicon products4. Seamless connection with MES system and industrial big data platform5. More than ten patents for invention and utility models have been applied for
SNEC PV Exhibition丨8000 Pcs h - TZTEK Remodels Chinese Manafacturing
From May 28 to 30, the 2018 SNEC Solar PV Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The exhibition, as one of the largest and most professional photovoltaic exhibitions in the world, attracted more than 1,800 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world, and was duly visited by more than 200,000 professionals from all over the world. Driven by the global demand for alternative energy sources, .Chinese photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly. In terms of equipment suppliers in the Chinese solar manufacturing industry, even if the number of local equipment suppliers in the market is increasing, key equipment is still provided by foreign brands. In the market of quality control equipment for photovoltaic components, the quality of silicon wafer sorting equipment is of great influence to the quality of wafers and the efficiency of subsequent conversion. Considering that the big gap between the technology of domestically produced equipment and the worlds advanced level still exists, without core competitiveness from domestic brands, china market can only rely on imported brands. However, the high cost, long lead time and poor response of imported equipment has always affected the quality control costs and production efficiency of wafer manufacturing enterprises. How do we achieve the localization of silicon sorting equipment? It is extremely urgent to further reduce the cost of Chinas photovoltaic industry and increase the competitiveness of domestic photovoltaic products in the international market. TZTEK, as a scientific and technological enterprise with the ability to develop submicron ultra-high-precision measurement instruments in China, presented its products - solar wafer sorting equipment in the SNEC exhibition. It is reported that this equipment is by far the domestically-manufactured equipment that can completely replace imported sorting equipment. Compared to the traditional capacity of 6,000 pieces/hour, TEZEK wafer sorting equipment has the capacity up to 8000 pieces/hour. “TZTEK solar wafer sorting equipment not only embodies machine vision technology and experience for many years, but also introduces deep learning AI software, enabling the optimal detection of sorting effect, while greatly shortening the debugging time and manpower investment of the equipment”, You Yi, the TZTEK Director of Major Clients, introduced. According to insiders, the equipment has been tested under the same conditions with foreign brands on customers site, and all performance indicators have reached or even surpassed foreign brands. The equipment has been highly recognized by customers on site, and cooperation agreements has been signed with photovoltaic leading companies such as GCL. This was also the result of TZTEK’s breakthrough in the industrys limit and the remolding of quality in China after the event in 2013 that “accurately pushed measurement accuracy to 0.3 micron, making China the third country to master the technology after Germany and Japan.” 《Source》
TZTEK - The First AI Company in the Industrial Sector, and Nearly 200 Companies Jointly Promote the Chinese AI Process
This article is selected from Robot Circle Artificial intelligence has become the main driving force for the fourth industrial revolution represented by emerging technologies and industrial modes. From government affairs to business, from technology to life, a new vision for the future has been unfolded slowly. How should we seek new opportunities for development from the revolution? Recently, the RAIC Conference, co-sponsored by the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID Group) and the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, was officially opened in Beijing. TZTEK, as the first representative of artificial intelligence enterprises in the industrial circle, was elected vice chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, and awarded the "Innovative Company" medal by RAIC at the same time. “AlphaGo” defeated the world Go champion Ke Jie in May this year. This "human-computer war" is also a remainder to people that the world is changing. However, in eyes of the development of artificial intelligence, such changes do not happen overnight, but are cradled in a long time. How do we promote innovation on the basis of technology accumulation, allowing new technologies and new products to emerge and develop at an exponential rate? To this end, the China Center for Information Industry Development united more than 150 organizations such as software and hardware product companies, application companies, investment institutions, institutions of higher learning, and local (park) development agencies (departments) in the field of artificial intelligence to voluntarily form the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance, aiming at promoting the innovation and development of Chinese artificial intelligence industry, build an innovation cooperation and docking platform for artificial intelligence industry, integrate all kinds of industrial resources, provide industrial public services, and strive to do a good job of industrial eco-builders, technological innovation and distribution centers, production-and-melting adhesives, and industrial application propellers. Since foundation, TZTEK, as a high-growth new technology innovation company, has been committed to serving precision manufacturing enterprises with artificial intelligence and information technology to improve product quality, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Adhering to independent R&D, TZTEK has developed four product lines: precision measurement instruments, machine vision products, automation solutions, robots and cloud services. Moreover, TZTEKs automated solutions are used to build and transform smart factories for precision manufacturing customers, and have been successfully applied to consumer electronics, automotive parts, and FMCG products. Besides, TZTEKs robots and cloud services, which is a key layout business for the era of artificial intelligence, can provide smart robots, cloud quality inspection services, and big data analysis services for precision manufacturing enterprises, TZTEK is the representative enterprise of Chinese precision manufacturing for artificial intelligence leaders and machine vision intelligent manufacturing experts. Chairman Xu Yihua made a speech entitled A New Generation of Industrial Robot Product Forms at the Robot Leaders’ Summit of RAIC Conference. He said that people generally think that a new generation of industrial robots must meet six standards: human-computer collaboration, IntelliSense, cheapness, easiness in use, light weight and load, and open platform. For the first two points in particular, he believed that the human-robot collaboration of industrial robots means that they can work synchronously with workers in industrial production, comply with the ISO 15066 collaborative robot design standards, support touch stop (power and force limitation) levels, and meet industry safety standards ISO 10218, ISO 12100 and ISO 13849. Besides, the positioning accuracy should reach 0.1 to 0.05 (with visual aids). IntelliSense is not an end but a means. He believed that vision sensors are embedded at low cost, and that IntelliSense can be implemented using Skyrim’s own powerful visual technology to develop highly integrated DSP+FPGA or ARM-based vision control integrated embedded expansion modules. The development of artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day. No matter it is from the unity of artificial intelligence industry innovation alliances, or from the field of visual perception of artificial intelligence to enable robots and cloud services by TZTEK, all signify that artificial intelligence is driving a comprehensive upgrade of industrial technology innovation. TZTEK has the ambition to become an artificial intelligence leader in the industrial field, and with the mission of scientific and technological innovation, explores application scenarios and ecological construction in the industrial field.
In the Name of Smart Manufacturing - TZTEK Small Q Helps Automate Production
From April 17 to 22, CIMT2017, one of the four largest international machine tool exhibitions in the world, was grandly opened at the Beijing New International Expo Center. This exhibition will undoubtedly become the worldwide most influential machine tool industry exhibition in the first half of this year. TZTEK, as the leading brand of precision measurement in China, brings a new series of VMQ flash measurement to provide exhibitors with a high-quality “boutique feast”.Small & Smart “Q"Driven by the new wave of science and technology, the new product – Small Q marks another leap in the production and manufacturing industry, first launched by TZTEK, a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution to global users. The VMQ series has a more chic and lighter appearance and can be seamlessly linked to the production line, enabling interoperability among people, machines and manufacturing processes. The impressive appearance of the Small Q attracts more than 1,000 customers to visit TZTEK’s booth.With one-key operation,VMQ flash-measuring image measurement instrument can easily solve measurement problems within 2 seconds, and accelerates the advancement of measurement intelligence in precision machined parts, magnetic materials, electronic parts and hardware, and realizes industrial transformation and upgrading. The brand-new VMQ210 increases X-axis movement, expands the measurement horizon, and brings new and efficient measurement experience to customers. In addition, equipped with I/O communication interface, it achieves fast on-line measurement, eliminates human error, improves detection efficiency by more than 10 times, and reduces human and time costs by at least 50%. This small and smart Q has proven to customers from all over the world that TZTEK is constantly pushing forward the development of intelligent factories.Expert in Machine Vision and Intelligent ManufacturingThere was also a low-key “star” in this exhibition that also made the audience’s attention. The VMU high-end image measurement instrument integrating the most advanced measurement technology and machine vision systems of TZTEK has a measuring accuracy of up to 1.5 microns, and plays a decisive role in the all-round production quality of factories. In order to respond to the ever-increasing market demands of intelligence and automation, TZTEK provides customers with automated solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective according to the actual production needs of customers, and realizes the pursuit of efficiency and benefit for customers.With the end of CIMT, a new journey has quietly begun. From May 4 to 6, 2017, at the Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Industrial Robot Exhibition (Shanghai New International Expo Center?E567 booth), the visual feast will return, and TZTEK will once again bring you with extraordinary vison enjoyment.
Project of“Development and Application of Compound High-precision Coordinate Measuring Instruments”with Accuracy near 0.3μm
On September 24, 2016, TZTEK held a new product launch in Suzhou and announced that it had achieved a major breakthrough in the project of “Development and Application of Compound High-precision Coordinate Measuring Instruments” in the “Special National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Project”. Its accuracy is close to the target of 0.3μm, marking a success of the major independent innovation in the field of China instrumentation, and meaning that China has become the third country in the world after Germany and Japan to master the same high-precision coordinate measurement technology.In recent years, Chinas precision measuring instrument industry has developed rapidly, but high-precision precision measuring instruments still need to be imported. Although domestic universities and research institutes have made great achievements in scientific research on high-precision measuring instruments, compared with developed countries, the core technology of the instrument industry is weak, and the market share and added value are low. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "National Special Scientific Instruments Development Project", emphasizing on market-oriented, application-oriented, and industrial-oriented, and supporting the development of major scientific instruments and equipment with market promotion prospects, including precision optical instruments and systems, which enables domestic companies to develop and promote more efficiently and rapidly.TZTEK is a science and technology enterprise dedicated to the development of ultra-high-precision measurement instruments for sub-micron scale. The "Compound High-precision Coordinate Measuring Instrument Development and Application" project led by it was selected as a national major scientific instrument and equipment development project in 2013. The project was initiated by TZTEK, and jointly participated by the National Institute of Metrology, China,Tianjin University, Beijing University of Technology, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd., Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Academy of Opto-electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., and other universities and research institutions, aiming to develop a compound high-precision coordinate measuring instrument that has reached the international advanced level in China, with a measurement precision of up to 0.3 μm. The Project of “Development and Application of Composite High-precision Coordinate Measurement Instrument” has achieved major breakthroughs and innovations in the key technical fields of the ultra-precision three-axis motion platform and the high-precision composite detection system, and has initially realized 5-axis space measurement. The positioning accuracy of the machine reaches sub-micron level. Breakthroughs have also been achieved in the field of multi-probe calibration and data fusion, and 21-item error compensation. The accuracy of the instrument has approached the final target of 0.3 μm. Synchronous with technology R&D, the project has also carried out several studies on specific measurement methods for the fields of materials engineering, tool manufacturing, and precision measurement. Since the project was developed, it has applied for 20 invention patents, published 7 papers, and applied for 3 software copyrights. TZTEK, always rooted in modern industry, intelligent industry, and future industrial fields, attaches great importance to innovation, and undertakes multiple science and technology projects at or above the provincial level. From the image measurement instrument to automation industry technology, TZTEK has always been committed to providing industrial automatic and intelligent products and solutions for precision manufacturing, promoting the development of high-precision measurement technology and serving customers relying on its leading capacity in technology R&D .
TZTEK''''''''s Dr. Xu Yihua Was Selected as A Leading Talent of “Ten Thousand People Plan”
On June 20, 2016, according to the Announcement on Publicizing the Second Batch of National Leading Talents for the “Ten Thousand People Plan”. TZTEK Chairman Xu Yihua was selected as the national leader in the “Ten Thousand People Plan”. And in Suzhou High-Tech District, there are only two people won this award. The National Special Support Program for High-level Talents, referred to as the “National Special Support Program”, also known as the “Ten Thousand People Plan”, is a support plan for high-level talents at home. The Plan covers a wide area, involves many departments, and has a long implementation period. Approved by the Central Government, and jointly launched by 11 ministries and commissions including the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, it will provide special support for selected 10,000 outstanding talents, leading talents and young talents from the fields of natural sciences, engineering technology, and philosophy and social sciences to form a system for the development of domestic high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents that complements and integrates with the overseas high-level talents program. The "Ten Thousand People Plan" emphasizes on providing key support for key talents and special training for special talents. It is a talent support plan with a high "gold content". On the basis of the original support of the relevant departments, the state will provide "key support funds" that are roughly equivalent to those of the National "Thousand-people Plan" experts for the key targets selected by the Plan, and award them the title of "National Special Support Talents."
Industry Standard - Flash-measuring Image Measurement Instrument Initiated by Suzhou TZTEK Is Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Recently, the industry standard JB/T 12639-2016 Flash-measuring Image Measurement Instrument initiated by TZTEK Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly drafted by Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., National Institute of Metrology, China, Jiangsu Institute of Metrology, and Tianjin University has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and will be published in 2016. The approval of this standard is yet another breakthrough for TZTEK as a drafting and calibrating unit for image equipment. With the rapid development of smart manufacturing, more and more companies have put forward higher requirements for manufacturing efficiency and workpiece quality. To improve the detection efficiency, TZTEK has incorporated the innovative concept of flash measurement based on multiple advanced technologies in the field of image measurement, and developed VMQ series of image measurement instrument to realize fast measurement with only one key, thus greatly improving the measurement efficiency and satisfying the users requirements for high-efficiency detection. The launch of the flash-measuring image measurement instrument products make up the gap of flash measurement technology in the precision measurement industry. The ratification of the JB/T 12639-2016 Flash-measuring Image Measurement Instrument Standards marks that the companys technology has once again been recognized by the national authorities, which fully demonstrates that TZTEK has reached a new height in the industrys development prospects and product technology content, and has maintained a leading position in the industry. TZTEK, established in 2005, is engaged in building a well-known high-end brand in Chinese intelligent industry, providing industrial automatic and intelligent products and solutions for precision manufacturing customers. Its precision measurement instruments are the only high-end brands independently researched and developed in China and have been ranking first in the industry for many years. It is understood that TZTEK has been investing in the three fields of precision measurement technology, machine vision technology, and industrial automation technology for many years, and currently, has applied for more than 50 national patents and 8 software monographs. It has won many awards such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Torch Plan", "Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award", and also drafted and formulated several national and industrial standards along with related organizations. In the future, TZTEK will develop more products that are internationally competitive and contribute to Chinas manufacturing of 2025 relying on years of technical accumulation in the fields of precision measurement and intelligent industry.