Hairpin Stator Assembly And Testing Machine
Project Overview

Hairpin stator assembly and testing machine is one of the most important equipments for the production ofhairpin motor. Its main process flow includes copper wire depainting, hairpin 2D/3D molding, automatic paper insertion, flaring, head twisting, flat cutting, soldering, paint dripping, and performance testing.

Benefit Advantages

Highly flexible full-process inspection forming machine: compatible with all lines of common production, automatic mold change, fully online inspection after 3D forming;

Head twisting: precise motion control, layered axial, radial compensation, multi-layer torsion and mold guided combing to ensure 100% mold insertion;

With the support of vision platform, intelligent guidance before welding will be available, which can retrieve different welding procedures to achieve high-quality welding and intelligent jump-point. The adoption of TZTEK post-welding 2D&3D inspection equipment ensures full-size inspection of hairpin stator, among which post-welding 3D inspection equipment breaks through the technological bottleneck in the certain industry.