Cutting And Folding Machine
Project Overview

Cutting and stacking machine is one of the most important equipments for the process of lithium-ion battery production, which integrates die cutter and laminator and reduces the space occupied by equipment as well as oprators. Through a series of processes such as  unwinding, cutting, size & defect inspection, waste removal, deskewing, stacking, tailing, gluing, hipot, hot pressing, etc., lamination for lithium-ion battery cell is accomplished.

Benefit Advantages

If a defect is found at stacking platform, the single piece of waste will be removed automatically without manual intervention;

The self-developed algorithm of constant tension control ensures the stability of diaphragm tension;

Closed-loop control of data from both deskewing and stacking platform will improve the stability of stacking;

Self-developed vispec AOI platform will improve the efficiency of defect inspection;

Fluid analysis and dust control for the whole machine.